NonBohringScience is a blog page I started where I discuss various ideas that mainly connect to physics. Physics, the study of the nature of matter and energy, is often renown for its immense academic rigor; but, despite long hours of tearful frustration, I hope we will be able to see past this and into the beauty of everything we’ve ever known.

This is not going to be an academic page. Though I encourage you to read my posts (obviously to enjoy my writing, of course), I should warn you that this is not going to help you pass your Physics 101 midterm coming up. If you decide to read rather than study, then I can at least guarantee you will still be able to see the wonder in the way the universe works, regardless of your score!

Justifiably, you may ask: what is the point if we’re going to talk about the universe without introducing any sort of academic rigor?

I’ll answer with an example: if I decide to post about mathematics, my focus would not be on mathematics. Rather, it would be regarding the ideas behind it. Instead of explaining how to integrate a function, I will focus on what it literally means – both in the physical and abstract sense. In this specific case: if I talk about math, I will be talking about what it means instead of how to precisely carry out a technique.

I hope this brings perspective into not only how we view the universe, but also how we may attempt to describe it. Enjoy!